Sunday, July 24, 2011

So what happened????

Well, I've been home 13 days and so many of my friends and family have asked, "What happened???  I was following your blog and you never posted anything about the final days!!"

I know and I am so sorry, but I have a couple of good explanations!  First of all, while I was still in Spain I couldn't find a computer with a darn card reader and therefore couldn't upload any more photos.  I felt like I needed pictures to accompany my last thoughts.  And then when I got home...well, honestly I just couldn't bring myself to turn on my computer.  No REALLY!!  I had no desire to surf the internet, look at my blog or log into Facebook.  And those who know me, will agree when I say that it was so unlike me!  I resisted as long as I could, but I have finally given in--only to some extent :)

It was great to get home and see my family, but I must say that I have had a hard time adjusting to reality.  I feel like I'm in limbo.  I feel so out of the loop and lost without the trail.  My responsibilities at home, work and church are slowly creeping their way back into my routine and causing me to miss the Camino more and more each day.  Even with all the pain and struggles that I had, I would love to be back out in nature with my boots and trek poles.  Heck, I even miss hand washing my clothes--well, maybe only a little! haha

I think what I miss most is the simplicity of the trail and being unplugged from a world that is always on fast forward.  I miss NOT having to choose my outfit for the day or NOT spending an hour doing my hair!  I miss the friendly faces of my fellow pilgrims with their helping hands and caring attitudes.  I miss being in a state of mind where you don't worry about anything anymore.  You don't worry about what you will have for dinner, where you will sleep that night or where you are going the next day.  You just let things happen and accept them.

I am so grateful for the opportunity that I had to walk every step.  I'm grateful that my mom was willing to go with me and walk the trail for the third time!  I'm grateful for the wonderful people that I met along the way.  They will never know how much they have influenced my life with their words and kindness.  I will never forget them!  I have learned that it doesn't matter where you come from or what you do for a living, but we are all connected and can easily make a friend by offering a smile.

I have included some photos from the last day as we walked to Finesterre--THE END OF THE WORLD.  I am so glad that we decided to continue as this was probably the best and most beautiful part of the whole trail.  It was a great feeling to walk into Santiago, but it was an AMAZING feeling when we reached the coast and the Atlantic ocean.

Thanks to all those who have followed us on our journey.  I felt your love and support every step of the way.  


On the way to Finesterre!

Coming over the mountain and seeing the ocean was an amazing feeling!  It was a sense of accomplishment that I've never felt before.

The last marker telling us that we had truly made it!

ZERO!!!!!!  Accomplished in 37 days!

We felt so great that day!

I made it to the END OF THE WORLD!

So proud of my mom for her accomplishments!

The ocean was more beautiful than I had imagined!

My mom celebrated with her favorite beverage--wine and I stuck with my Agua con Gas (mineral water)! haha

We received our 2nd certificate, declaring that we walked to Finesterre.

Along the trail we received many stamps from the cities that we stayed in,
but this was the ULTIMATE stamp!!


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