Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 10 More pics

 This is Rafael.  He is the host at the albergue that we are staying at while my ankle heals.  He has been so nice and taken us under his wing.  He told the other volunteers to make sure that we got the suite with the ocean view! It was actually a view of the handwashing sinks for laundry :)

My mom found a comfortable cement lawn chair to relax on after a long climb up a hill yesterday.  We managed to cover 19 miles in 10 hours.

 Because it has been raining so much, the snails are out and about.  As they crossed the road, we tried to avoid stepping on some, but unfortunately a few lost their lives.  The lucky survivors were the ones who made their way up a tree and hung on for dear life! LOL

 Here´s an upclose portrait of Mr. Snail.  These guys are huge!

 I thought this was a good representation of the spanish landscape... Vineyards (left), red poppies, wheat fields and rolling hills--with some rain clouds.

Walking in the mud is like walking on fly paper!  This was definitely a contributor to my aching ankle.

More to come...

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  1. Hi Yvette! It looks like you guys are having some fun times. :o) I hope your ankle starts to feel better. I am glad you decided to get it checked out, better safe than sorry! Have a great day!