Saturday, June 18, 2011

In Leon!!

It´s Saturday, June 18th and we made it to Leon this morning!  It´s a beautiful and busy city.  We visited the outside market where they had the most amazing fruits and vegetables!  I was hoping to upload some photos, but there is no card reader.

Yesterday, was tough as my ankle was giving me trouble again.  We had to walk 15 miles on the old roman road.  It is covered in stones and is very painful on my ankle.  Hoping to rest and be ready for tomorrow.

As we checked in the Albergue, we noticed a group of Asian looking kids.  We found out that they are from South Korea and they are between the ages of 9 & 13.  They are here for 10 months (in europe) with a teacher.  They started walking the Camino in St. Jean Pied de Port--just like us.  I can´t imagin how they can do it!!  They are soooo young!  They also have instruments with them and have been performing along the way.  We hope to watch and record them tonight.

That´s it for now!  Love to all!  Pictures coming soon!

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