Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 7 A few photos...

Had a few mintues to post some photos....

Ensalada Mixta--This is very popular.  It´s a salad with tuna, egg, onion, olives, tomatoes and the long white veggie in the middle is a peeled asparagus.  I have not had any soda since I left home, I am drinking Agua con Gas (water with bubbles).  This is one of our favorite meals :)

This from today.  The last two days have been unusual as we have been close to other hikers.  There were many days that we hardly saw anyone.  Today was also fun because we all had plans to go 30 km to Logorno.  As it turns out, everyone was pooped when we arrived in Viana and most everyone stopped for the day.  Tomorrow we may have to make up for lost mileage :(

This is not an unusual scene.  This is what we are seeing everyday, time after time.  Isn´t it beautiful?  We were very lucky to have overcast and rain ALL day today :)

These are my two new friends, Kevin and Fichra (Fi-gra).  We had dinner with them on our first night on the trail.  They are from Ireland.  Fichra has done the camino once before and this is Kevin´s first time.  They did not know each other before coming to Spain--now they are the best of friends.

This is a shot that my mom took of me.  We couldn´t help but stop and look at the beautiful landscape.


  1. Wow! Beautiful country! Thanks for bringing us along for the ride! I'm really enjoying your blog. I'm glad you're all in one piece after your topple into the ditch! Too bad your mom didn't take a picture! Be careful, girl! I miss you tons! ttyl. Chris.

  2. I'm loving all your pics! We miss you!!! ~Valerie~