Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 17 continued....

We are now walking on the meseta, which is the desert portion of the Camino.  It is very flat with very little scenery.  Hikers are saying over and over that they had previously prayed for flat ground when we were climbing mountain, but now they are so bored.  I have done a few things to keep myself occupied during our 10 hour days on the long straight, flat roads.  I have sung many songs to myself.  Here are the top 10...

  1. Yesterday by the Beatles
  2.  Hey Jude by the Beatles
  3.  Michelle by the Beatles
  4.  Hard Days Night by the Beatles  ( I don´t know how the heck I remembered these!!)
  5. 99 bottles of beer on the wall  ( I only get to 84 before I stop)
  6.  Child´s Prayer
  7.  Star Spangled Banner
  8.  Over the hills and thru the woods
  9.  Happy Birthday
  10. Come Away With Me by Norah Jones
While I´m walking I think of so many things that I want to share, but by the time I get to a computer, I forget.  So, I play a little game by creating a list and adding items thru out the day.   Here´s a list from yesterday...

  • Sun on my back-  I´m grateful that as I´m walking the sun is always on my back and not on my face.
  • Blanket- I´m thankful for the blankets provided in the albergues.  They keep me warm as I have no sleeping bag (sent it home).
  • Hot- Everyone thinks it´s hot here, but this AZ girl thankful for the cool breeze!
  • Bugs-  As we walked yesterday, there was about 5 miles of road that had swarms of gnats.  There were several kamikazes that aimed for my eyes and mouth!  I was thankful to get past them!
  • Clouds- After we had been walking with no shade for 6 hours, we were blessed with overcast!  I was thankful for the clouds.
  • TP-  I was thankful for the toilet paper in my pocket that I carried from the last town :)
  • Songs- I´m thanksful for the songs that I was able to remember.
  • Body-  I´m thankful for a healthy body that is taking me to Finesterre.
  • Equiptment- I´m thankful for the nice equiptment that I have and especially my boots!

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